Every package includes:

  1. a one-on-one consultation and  evaluation of goals, strengths, and weaknesses
  2. a customized plan for success 
  3. your own copy of Dr. Deurlein's parenting book Teenagers 101 
  4. monthly student webinar led by a licensed psychotherapist 
  5. a monthly parenting webinar led by Dr. D 
  6. one-on-one tutoring with content experts in the comfort of your own home via Skype
  7. and progress checks with Dr. D to ensure success every step of the way!

What sets us apart?

Teenager Success 101

Total Success 401– 36 hours of tutoring in any subject, SAT Prep, one-on-one conferences with Harvard prof (3 ½ hour sessions), mock interviews with business professionals (2 at ½ hour each), career guidance (2 at ½ hour each), college essays (3 hours), college application assistance (3 hrs), scholarship application assistance

Our Packages

Success 102 – Tutoring in 2 or more subjects , 18 hours each, 36 hour total

  • PROVEN RESULTS! Our students increase their SAT scores impressively, many by 300 points.​

  • We've secured tens of thousands of dollars' worth of scholarships for our students through scholarship matching, guidance through the process, and financial advice.

  • Our clients get into their target schools, no matter where they are aiming. We work with kids who are first-generation college students just testing the waters, all the way to kids aiming for Ivy League.

  • Our tutoring clients see immediate results, with every client earning higher grades and greater understanding of the content.

  • Our kids learn and employ study and organizational strategies they can use in all subjects and for the rest of their lives. Their grades improve and they learn to take responsibility for their work. 

  • We have taken our international students from ESL level to AP level. We teach language skills that help them excel on the SAT and ACT and earn college acceptance here in the U.S. 

  • We work with parents as well as students, guiding them through the college application process, the scholarship process, and everything they need to know about financing college. 

  • Our parents report MUCH better relationships with their kids! We handle the academics so you can enjoy a stress-free home. 

  • We believe in next-level success, meaning wherever students enter the program - struggling or an A student who wants to be challenged - we take them to the next level. 

  • We offer you the best educators in the nation, brought right to your home through Skype. What could be more convenient?

Success 101 – 18 hours of tutoring in one subject 

SAT Prep Success 301 – 18 hours each of math, English, and writing tutoring; testing strategies, 2 practice tests with review

College Prep Success – SAT Prep Success package plus one-on-one conferences with Harvard professor (3 ½ hour sessions), mock interviews with business professionals (2 at ½ hour each), career guidance (2 at ½ hour each), college essays (3 hours), college application assistance (3 hrs) 

Webinar Success 201 – student advice from licensed psychotherapist BethAnn Schacht and parenting advice from expert Dr. Rebecca Deurlein held through interactive webinars focused on your questions and topics of interest