Teenager Success 101

After only 4 sessions, I raised my SAT score by over 300 points! I owe it all to you. When I went to a learning center, I was 1 of 3 students and all we did was work through a test prep book. I didn't need half the stuff we covered. You targeted my learning so I could improve on my weaknesses. The one-on-one attention made all the difference. Thank you!

Mason A

​"' Teachers who love teaching, teach students to love learning.' This quote encompasses everything I feel about your teaching methods. Thank you for preparing me so well for the AP exam!" 

Priyesha B.

I have friends who have used the chain learning centers and you know what sets you apart? You actually build relationships with the students. You care about them. Once they know you care, they invest more in learning and they strive to do better. The results? My girls improved their SAT scores by over 300 points and now qualify for Ivy League admissions. I couldn't be more grateful to you.

Sarah O

When I came to America from China, I knew very little English. With your tutoring, I was able to earn A's, get into a private school, and take Honors classes! My teachers tell me I'm an excellent writer!

David W

The advice you gave me about studying 30 minutes a night really worked. I always waited to study for finals the night before, and this time, I was well-prepared. I know I did so much better. 

Sam W

The personal attention and flexibility is extraordinary. We had a death in the family, scheduling conflicts, and sometimes let life interfere with our scheduled time. Dr. D worked with us to make up every session and do what was best for our child. She catered to our schedule, not the other way around.

Mary S